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Memphis, TN Skyline

Many young adults dream of living in the fast-paced environment of a big city when they graduate from college. The only problem is the cost of living holds them back from pursing their dream. But 2014 is the year to put a stop to this, thanks to Apartment Guide. The apartment finding tool examined their database and cross referenced it with the Cost of Living Index from The Council for Community and Economic Research to find the best budget-friendly metros. So for all of you recent or soon-to-be-graduates craving the big city lifestyle, here are the metros with the lowest average rent and lowest cost of living.

1. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Metro Population: 1,122,259
Fun Fact: Garth Brooks was born in Tulsa.

2. Augusta, Georgia

Metro Population: 575,898
Fun Fact: Each year, the Masters Golf Tournament is held at Augusta National during first week in April.

3. Memphis, Tennessee

Metro Population: 1,316,100
Fun Fact: Elvis Presley’s home in Memphis, best known as Graceland, is the second most visited house in the United States.

4. Columbus, Ohio

Metro Population: 1,858,464
Fun Fact: Half of the United States population lives within a 500 mile radius of Columbus.

5. Birmingham, Alabama

Metro Population: 1,136,650
Fun Fact: American Idol winners Reuben Studdard (2003) and Taylor Hicks (2006) as well as runner up Bo Bice (2005) are all from Birmingham.

6. Dayton, Ohio

Metro Population: 841,502
Fun Fact: Dayton was home to the Wright Brothers, who are recognized as the inventors of the airplane.

7. Indianapolis, Indiana

Metro Population: 1,756,241
Fun Fact: In 1911, Indianapolis Motor Speedway held the first long-distance auto race in the United States.

8. Louisville, Kentucky

Metro Population: 1,334, 872
Fun Fact: The first cheeseburger was served in a Louisville restaurant.

9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Metro Population: 1,296,565
Fun Fact: In 1935, Oklahoma City installed the world’s first parking meter was installed.

10. Cincinnati, Ohio

Metro Population: 2,130,151
Fun Fact: The Reds were the first pro baseball team.

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