Tiny House FAQ

Everyone has heard about the new craze: tiny houses. Since 2014, HGTV started premiering shows about tiny homes, including Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Builders and Tiny House, Big Living. These shows showcase why people want to reduce their size and cost of living and choose to live in a tiny house, including all of the neat floor plans that come along with them. The “tiny house movement” isn’t a new concept because the first tiny house was built in 1997. Even though it has been 19 years since the first tiny home, people today are still trying to wrap their heads around the concept of a tiny house. Here are 10 FAQ’s on tiny homes in the United States.


Q: Do people build their own tiny houses or buy their tiny house from someone else?

A: Both. If someone is a skilled builder, then they already have most of the skills to build their own tiny home. If someone is new to home building, they might buy their tiny home from someone else.


Q: How much does a tiny house cost?

A: This answer varies. It depends on if you are building your own or buying it from someone. An average tiny house can cost anywhere between $10,000-$50,000. The average price for one is in the $30,ooo range.


Q: Where can you put a tiny home?

A: Some people keep their tiny house in their own backyard or in a friend’s backyard. There are also some RV trailer parks that allow tiny homes to stay there. Also, some communities are more open to accepting tiny homes. The tiny house movement has stretched so far across the world that there are even specific tiny home communities.


Q: How many people can live in a tiny home?

A: Depending on how much space each person needs, a family could fit in a tiny home. But, mostly individuals or couples live in tiny homes.


Q: Do you have to build your tiny house with wheels?

A: Wheels are optional, but a tiny house should definitely have wheels for mobility. Without wheels, it would be hard to move your tiny home or travel anywhere in it. Having wheels on your home is one of the perks of having a tiny home!


Q: What kind of vehicles can pull tiny homes?

A: Trucks are recommended to pull tiny homes. But, depending on how big the tiny home is, a two and a half ton vehicle or truck is needed to pull your tiny home across the globe.


Q: How do you keep a tiny house warm in the winter?

A: Since tiny houses are so small, space heaters work well to heat tiny homes. The same goes for cooling during the warmer months.


Q: How do you take care of the sewage?

A: Some tiny homes are built with composting toilets, which are toilets that use very little water to flush. Some tiny homes have the same toilet and sewage system as RV’s do. This means that people will be able to dump the sewage the same way that RV’s do.


Q: How does one do laundry in a tiny home?

A: Some tiny homes have compacted washing and drying appliances to give the ability to wash from home. Others just find a laundry mat on the go and do their laundry there.


Q: Where can I get even more information on tiny houses?

A: There are so many resources on tiny homes. There are plenty of books out there with all the information you need to know about tiny houses and blogs. Almost everything you need to know about tiny homes are just a Google search away.

About the Author: Deanna is contributing a post from Valley Brokers, a real estate company in Albany, Oregon, a state that has tiny home communities.

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