Things You Didn’t Know You Need in the Office

Eight hours a day. A hundred and sixty hours a month. Two thousand hours a year. That’s how much time people spend their lives in the office. If the workplace is going to be your second home, you might as well make yourself comfortable. The problem is everything has been so habitual that you might not even know what is missing. Wouldn’t you rather make your daily workday even more efficient and productive? It’s time to update yourself on some popular devices that can improve your work experience.

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Wrist pain is a sign of poor posture and ergonomics and is usually caused by an improperly placed keyboard forcing users to reach on top of their desk to type. Doing so will put their hands in an unnatural position and cause hand and wrist pain. That’s where an ergonomic keyboard tray comes in. The tray is mounted under the desk so that the tray is at arm level. It also has a tilt feature to help blood flow to the forearms, hands, and wrists to reduce pain.

Foot Rest

Besides the hands, the feet also need some taking care of especially when you are sitting at your desk all day. Do your feet rest flat on the ground when you sit? I hope so because when your feet do not touch the floor when you sit, the dead weight can put a lot of stress on the knee joints. Blood circulation is cut off and this causes major pain. To avoid this problem, an adjustable foot rest is your answer to alleviate the stress, leaving you more comfortable at the end of the day. If you’re feeling fancy, you can also purchase a model with built-in massagers!

The Right Office Chair

Speaking of sitting all day, invest on a high-quality and stylish office chair that is comfortable to sit in all day. Select a modern mesh task chair with breathable upholstery, which can prevent the growth of germs and not cause too much heat on your bottom. A nice leather chair with ergonomic features is also a great choice for office executives. Not sure what an ergonomic chair is? This article on how to find the perfect office chair may help in your search!

Adjustable Monitor Arm

Are you prone to neck and upper back problems? These body pains may be caused by your computer screen that is not properly placed. Having an adjustable monitor arm for your computer screen can help you adjust the screen position and reduce eye strain for users. Keep the screen at least an arm’s length away from your face to keep your eyes healthy. Move the screen directly in front of you to keep your neck and back muscles from unnatural movements or posture. And another advantage of having an adjustable monitor arm is the computer is hoisted above the desk, so you can have more space on your table.

Effective Lighting

Lighting is usually an ignored problem in office environments. It can either be too bright or too dim that can cause serious eye strain. Improve your ambience and install lighting options that allow you to adjust the intensity. When using the computer, dim the screen or set it to an “eco” setting as another way of avoiding eye strain. You save energy and you’ll be more comfortable as well! Talk to an office interior designer to find out how you can make these changes in your office.


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