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How to Choose the Right Pond Aerator

A pond aerator is one of the most essential purchases for establishing a healthy pond environment. Proper aeration both reduces algae growth and increases the oxygen supply to fish and other organisms living in your pond. In summer months, sufficient oxygen is crucial for fish health, while in winter, aeration prevents your pond from freezing […]

2012’s Must Have Pool Supplies

With new technology, new social trends, and new developments comes the desire to own the next hot item. Not only are trending products wanted, sometimes they are needed for a specific purpose and their newfound popularity allows consumers to grab a great deal. In the case of pools, having one can provide long lasting entertainment. […]

Swimming Pool Sand Filters vs. Cartridge Filters

The two most popular types of pool filters are a sand filter and a cartridge filter. A sand filter is the filter that lets the water flow through a bed of fine granulated sand. The more sand that a person uses, the more clean the water is going to be. They are a larger sphere […]