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Should You Look For Hardwood Or Carpeted Floors When Renting?

As a renter, you are responsible for maintaining the space you rent and leaving it in the same or better condition when you leave than it was in when you moved in. For this reason, when you are looking for a new home or apartment to rent, you always want to look at things such […]

Refresh Your Vinyl Floors with Paint

Old vinyl floors can be an eyesore and ruin the overall style of a room. Vinyl lasts a lifetime, though, and it certainly is the most affordable. If you don’t have the heart to replace it, you can always make it look brand new again with a fresh coat of paint all by yourself. People […]

How to Clean Carpet with Vinegar

Yes, that bottle with stinky clear liquid stored in your kitchen cabinet is a powerful natural substance for cleaning any type of floors, even carpets. White distilled vinegar is more than just a cooking ingredient, it’s also otherwise known as the nontoxic, eco-friendly Cleaning Vinegar. For an average price of $3 per gallon, vinegar is […]

Buying Your First Home: A Guide for Newlyweds

It can both be fun and challenging for newlyweds when the time comes for them to start looking for a house as their love nest. From a small apartment in a city to a house in the suburbs sounds like a dream come true. Of course, buying a house is very different from renting because […]

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5 Luxurious Flooring Options for Your Home

Amazing and luxurious-looking floors do not have to be very expensive. The latest technology used in flooring materials has now made home renovations much simpler and more cost-effective. Get ready to make your home look brand new again with these five luxurious flooring options without busting a hole in your pocket.