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Buyers Guide To Boating Insurance

Okay, so you have a nice home, and you just went out and bought a boat and are thinking about where to get insurance for your boat. The first thing people think of doing is to add the boat on to their homeowner’s policy. This is not your best option, because most home owners policies […]

A Rising or Falling Tide?

With another set of family holidays behind us, and the big busy season just around the corner, what is ahead in the rocky world of real estate? Will the mortgage crisis ease soon, or worsen? Will we tip into recession, or skate over the thin ice to firmer footing? It might be wishful thinking on […]

Keeping an eye on your vacation home

If you own a second home, chances are you are planning on spending some time there this summer. As a second homeowner, you don’t want to be worrying throughout the rest of the year of the condition of the home, or of any possible break ins or burglaries. It’s pretty basic, but the best way to ensure […]

Free Foreclosure Listings

There are numerous lists kept by government, bank and commercial lenders detailing properties for sale by foreclosure. You should be cautious, however, of trusting just any listing service, especially those that require fees. It is important to know the information provided in a list is accurate and reliable. Keeping this thought in mind while researching […]

How Gas & Electric Lanterns Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

Real estate agents agree that lighting can increase the perceived value of a home by over twenty percent, which is why it’s highly recommended that you look into purchasing gas or electric wall lanterns for your home’s exterior. A yard that is well-lighted will make the home appear more warm and welcoming as well as […]

Putting a Price on a Home

A home appraisal is an opinion of a home’s value, or in other words, an estimate of worth. A  home value depends on many different factors, which usually include factors like property features, the surrounding neighborhood and community, available amenities and many more. Home Value Estimation The physical features of a home are easily determined […]