Why Should St. John be your Next Home?

Are you bored of living in the city? Want to really get away from everything, but still have a little civilization? Then Saint John Island in the United States Virgin Islands is the place for you. Saint John is the perfect mix of middle-of-nowhere atmosphere with the ability to still get to civilization. Interested? Here just a few reasons why Saint John Island should be your next home.

Saint John is the smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands at a whopping 20 square miles of land and a population of just under 5,000. So you have a very close knit society of permanent residents. It is located in the Caribbean Sea about four miles east of Saint Thomas. The Caribbean Sea is made of beautiful blue-green waters that, on average, stay in between 70 and 79 °F depending on the season, so it stays warm all year round. Two thirds, about 60%, of the land is protected under the United States’ National Park Service, that includes much of the island’s waters and coral reefs as well. This means that you will never have to worry about civilization and industrialization encroaching on you own personal piece of paradise. However, it is not all national park.

Saint John is divided into four main sub-districts which are: Central, Coral Bay, Cruz Bay, and East End. In the beginning of Saint John, Coral Bay was economic hub; however, today that is Cruz Bay. Cruz Bay is the port entry to Saint John. They have shopping centers, such as Mongoose Junction, and cruise ship passengers coming in for excursions on the island. The biggest income for the island is tourism. This means that the island is always teaming with life of mixed cultures and exciting new people. But not all the residents are tourist. There is a public and private school system on the island for full time residents and their children. So if you are a young family, or just starting a family, that is not something you have to worry about. Your children can live and go to school on the island. Worried about being too excluded? Don’t worry about that; there may not be an airport on the island, but there is a ferry that will take you to and from Saint Thomas, which does have its own airport. As for moving onto the island, there are barges that go to the island with will take cargo and cars to the island.

Seem like a place you could be interested in living in? Well according to CimmaronStJohn, a top realty company in Saint John, it is a buyers’ market. So now is your chance you get your own little piece of paradise.

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