Spring Decor for Your Home and Garden

Springtime has sprung and it’s time to start decorating to celebrate the sunshine! There are some simple touches you can add to the outside of your home to make it springtime ready.

Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

Flowers are the staple of springtime and are an easy way to brighten up your garden or lawn. Choosing the right kind of flowers, however, can a little more difficult. Perennials are your best bet, as they will return each spring and are low maintenance. Pansy are perfect for springtime, as they thrive in cool weather and are a very no fuss perennial. Yellow Trillium is a perfect springtime plant as well, blooming from April until June annually.

Be a Bird’s Best Friend

Birds deserves some love too, so why not decorate your home and help the birds at the same time? A cute bird feeder or bird bath can add some springtime flair to your front or backyard. There are multiple DIY bird feeders to choose from or tasteful choices can be found at your local home furnishings store. Bird baths can be purchased from stores like Lowes, Home Depot, or again home furnishing stores. Bird baths range from elegant stone to colorful ceramics, so you can choose a bath to fit your taste.

Welcome Wreath

Wreaths don’t have to just be a wintery, Christmas decoration. Spring wreaths can add some color and style to your front doors, made from bright flowers or pastel colored twine or branches. Spring wreaths are easy to make or can be found at your local craft stores, such as Michaels or Joann Fabric. Other unique wreaths have been made with spring inspired tools like garden hoses and gloves. Have a little fun with your decor and pick a springtime wreath that fits with your home’s overall look.


A lot of homes celebrate spring with a brightly colored flag. A large number of them feature flowers, cute springtime animals or insects, all celebrating the arrival of warm weather and sunshine. A flag can add some decoration to your home and also show your appreciation of the season.

Color Me Spring Door

Changing the color of your front door can be a super easy update to your home’s look. Choose a bright and fun springtime color to add some fun to the front of your home. A pretty pink or even a light, pale blue can look great with you home. Of course choose a color that complements your home’s stone and siding as well!

About the Author: Leena is a guest contributor from Coldwell Banker – Hubbell Briarwood, a premier Real Estate company located in Lansing, Michigan.

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