Should You Rent a Flat or Studio Apartment?

Before you begin looking around at rental spaces or vacation homes, it’s important to first know what the different is between your options. The most common rental spaces in cities are flats or studio apartments. But what’s the¬†difference? A studio apartment is a one room space that encompasses areas for sleep, cooking, and living–all the things you might find in a home, but condensed into a small area. A flat, on the other hand, can be a one, two or three-bedroom apartment, all the on the same floor in a city building.

Some sites, like, offer a variety of vacation rentals and homes for business trips, vacations, or temporary stays. This one in particular offers in them Barcelona, Spain.

How do you choose what’s right for you? If you’re someone who doesn’t need a lot of space, then clearly your option might be a studio. If you’re a one-person business traveler, then a studio is the right option. Studios offer just the right amount of space you need for a temporary stay, especially on a business trip. Most studio rentals are funished or partially furnished to meet your needs. Unlike typical hotel rooms, a studio encompasses a kitchenette, or small kitchen, which means you don’t have to always eat out on your business trips.

A flat or penthouse suite, however, will offer you more space if you’re a family looking for a temporary stay in a large city. Or perhaps you’re a group of people staying for a short period while you’re on business or a job assignment. A flat also includes rooms, unlike studio apartments, which will allow more space and privacy to work and sleep.

No matter the circumstance, a flat or studio rental will all come down to how many people you might be traveling with and how much space and accomodation you require.

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