How To Re-use Outdoor Wedding Decorations In Your Home

You spent all that money on a wedding just to get rid of the decor you used after. Those pretty DIY wedding decorations or that expensive custom-made decor shouldn’t have to go to waste. You can actually re-purpose your wedding decor into decor for your home. We’ve found ways to re-use the most common outdoor wedding decor as decor for your home.


Especially if you have an outdoor wedding, you probably spent a lot of time finding the perfect flowers or succulents. Re-use your flowers by pressing them. After you press your flowers, you can decorate with them in vases, shadow boxes, picture frames, or scrapbooks. A lot of trendy weddings also use succulents to decorate. If these were used as centerpieces or in photos, just re-pot them and place them throughout your home. You can also give them to bridesmaids as gifts.

String lights

String lights are probably one of the cheapest decor items you can get for a wedding. You can easily re-use them at home by stringing them along your deck or patio. This makes for great ambient lighting for summer barbecues. You can also string them near the ceiling in your home or re-purpose a clear vase into a centerpiece by placing string lights inside of it.

Picture frames

This is a decoration that will look great at both your wedding and in your home. Decorate the guestbook table with framed photos of the married couple. Photo frames don’t cost much and you can take these photos with you to decorate your house with after. You can also replace the photos once you get your wedding photos back.


You’ll want to save your guestbook to look back on your big day for years to come. Some couples choose guestbook alternatives like wooden pallets or a framed photo of themselves so they can better incorporate it into their home. If you went the guestbook route, simply place the book on your entry room table or on a bookshelf in your home.

Cake stands

We’ve seen cake stands all over Pinterest being used for both cake stands in your kitchen and around the house. Cake stands are a creative way to showcase desserts at your wedding and use in your home. Re-purpose a cake stand into a makeup or jewelry holder in your bathroom or bedroom. You can also use it for serving desserts at future parties or as a place to set your keys in your entryway.

Re-purpose your wedding decor and you’ll save money while also re-decorating your home. If you’re still in planning mode, consider an outdoor wedding venue in Washington for beautiful scenery that’s still on budget.

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