The Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home in the U.S.

Vacation Home

Whether you need sun and sand or a warm fire and snow from your vacation, these are the best places in the United States and its territories to finally buy that vacation home you’ve been dreaming of.


You’ve heard of a million people who’ve retired to or have a condo in Florida, but it’s neighbor, Georgia, is just as beautiful. It has cities, national parks, coasts, and most importantly, a warm climate year-round. Sure, plenty of states have that, but a place in Georgia means a day trip to Disney World is just as easy as a trip to New Orleans. Options is the keyword here.


California is a gorgeous state with as much variety in climate and scenery as there is in things to do. No matter how long you keep a vacation home there, you’ll never get bored. You could live near the sunny coast, up north with all those beautiful vineyards nearby, or keep south for the heat and excitement.

The Carolinas

North and South Carolina are equally beautiful and full of fantastic
views and exciting things to do. Both have a rich history, and with half of the two states existing in the Rocky Mountains and the other half touching the Atlantic, you’ll have possibilities for whatever type of vacation you need.

New York

It gets a bit cold in the winters, but New York is one of the most famous states for a reason. Between the breathtaking wilderness, wonderful upper-state scenery, and proximity to New York City, it’s the ultimate spot to be if your dream includes more greenery than it does sand. Don’t worry, though. Its beach scene is still good during the summer.

St. John

I put St. John at the bottom of this list not because it’s the worst of those listed, but because it’s the most expensive. Buying a summer home in St. John can be a lot pricier than anywhere in the continental U.S. Maintaining it, too, can be much more expensive because of the distance, but companies like CimmaronStJohn will do a great job of keeping it up for you if you need.

Despite the added expense, however, St John is one of the best vacation destinations in the world. Within U.S. territory, the island promotes some of the best views you can find. 60% of its land area is a national park, but its reputation as a vacation destination means there are always fun things to do and see.

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