A Brief History Of The Cayman Islands


Officially discovered about 300 years ago by Christopher Columbus, the Cayman Islands have been inhabited by Caimans, sailors, and slaves throughout their 500-year history. It is widely believed that the first inhabitants were Sir Francis Drake’s sailors from his expedition in 1585. The economy was widely sustained through turtle hunting, fishing, and woodcutting.

How To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

We’ve all been ready for Summer since February. Now it’s time to get your home ready. Get your home prepared for the warmer weather and summer decorating. Here are some things you can do so your home can be ready for summer.

Why Vacation Rentals Are A Better Alternative To Hotels

Accommodations are always a primary consideration for anyone who is planning a vacation. However, saving money for a dream getaway merely to discover that one’s hotel room is inadequate, too small or not at all as described is disappointing, to say the least. Below are some of the advantages of forgoing a standard hotel room in lieu of a vacation rental.

Can’t Miss Summer Events in the Charleston Area for New Residents

Few cities around the nation have the charm and culture that Charleston has to offer. With its history dating back as far as 1670, Charleston, South Carolina has been attracting visitors and new residents from all walks of life for a very long time. Since summertime has always been a favorite time to visit, we’re going to take a look at the top five summer events in Charleston.

A Brief History of Clarence, New York

Clarence, New York has a long and interesting history. Over time it has progressed from a forest to a thriving suburb of Buffalo. Named after the English House of Clarence, it was the first Erie County township established in 1808. Its landmass is over 52 square miles, making it a sprawling and picturesque area.
Vacation Home

The Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home in the U.S.

Whether you need sun and sand or a warm fire and snow from your vacation, these are the best places in the United States and its territories to finally buy that vacation home you’ve been dreaming of.


You’ve heard of a million people who’ve retired to or have a condo in Florida, but it’s neighbor, Georgia, is just as beautiful.