Last Minute Christmas Decorations

The Holiday Season is always a busy time of year! There is a lot of shopping that needs to be done, presents that need wrapping, and numerous parties for family and friends to attend. All of these activities make it easy to neglect decorating your own house for Christmas. If you are in this boat, here are some tips for some last-minute decorations to spruce up your home before ole Saint Nick comes down the chimney!

Prelit Christmas Tree

If you are way behind and don’t even have a Christmas tree yet, then I highly suggest purchasing a prelit Christmas tree and some basic Christmas ornaments and balls. Prelit Christmas trees, such as the one below, are easy to find now-a-days at just about any store.

 Prelit Christmas Tree

Vase with Ornaments or Lights

Use a vase with Christmas balls to add a little sparkle to your home this Christmas season. You can use an assortment of ornaments in a single vase or have multiple vases with different ornaments. A vase with lights is also a classic, elegant decoration for the holiday season.

Vase With Ornaments

Holiday Wall Art

Swap out existing wall art for something Christmas or Holiday themed. After the holiday season all you have to do is switch back the items back! Simply setting the art on the mantel in your home is an option too.

Holiday Wall Art

Display Christmas Cards

Show off all the Christmas Cards you got with a little ribbon for decoration. Or try one of these other great ideas for displaying Christmas cards.

Christmas Cards

About the Author
Allie is a guest blogger from Drawing Near to God, a Catholic Ministry. While Christmas decorating is fun, she wants everyone to remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season.
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