Making Your Dream Home a Reality

What’s your dream move-in ready home? Can you picture it? How does the trim look, the kitchen, and the bedrooms? Now take that picture of your dream home and put it in the trash. For most people their picture perfect dream home is never going to be affordable and move-in ready. When your necessities are actually just “dreams” out of your budget, you’re going to be disappointed nine times out of ten. But your dream home isn’t out of budget, you just have to adjust you’re journey to get to your dreams. Sometimes it’s messy and hard work, but you can make the aspects of your dream home a reality under budget. Here are 3 tips to help make your dream home a reality.

Do it yourself or let you friends help you:

Hiring out remodeling services can get expensive fast. If you want to save money then do as many projects by yourself or with the help of a friend. Hardware stores like Home Depot do in-house training workshops that you can attend to help boost your confidence to complete a project by yourself.

Shop Around:

For materials as large as ceiling fans or as small as light bulbs, make sure you shop around to find the best price possible for the best quality product. Online sources like are a great resource to find in-store items at a reduced priced. And don’t be afraid to barter with products, especially if you’ve done your homework prior.

Think Creatively:

Pinterest might be a cliché these days, but finding creative “Do It Yourself” online projects can help give your home the spark that it needs at a low cost. Thinking outside of basic catalogs, stores, and installers can be the unique  format to create your dream home. Try a new brand or new store to keep your costs under budget and efficient.


Guest blogger Dan Johnson is a DIY interior designer and a representative of Inn on Golden Pond.

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