Why LED Downlights are better than Traditional Lighting

Led Downlight

Years ago making the decision between purchasing traditional lighting and LED lighting was a tough choice, but now it’s an easy decision. LED downlights are more expensive up front which turns away many customers, but they last years longer than traditional lighting, making them much less expensive in the long run. One LED light bulb will typically last about 20 years, and with the cost of electricity, you will only have about $35, which includes the cost of electricity over 2 decades of use. Now if you were to use traditional lighting, it would cost you upwards of $200 per bulb for 20 years. Now if you multiply that by the number of light bulbs in your house, that’s a whole lot of savings.


Pros and Cons of LED downlights


  • They light up immediately
  • They Last about 5 times longer than traditional lighting
  • Better illumination in light fixtures
  • Higher efficiency and lower power usage
  • Less CO2 emissions, making them much more environmentally friendly
  • They do not contain mercury, or any other toxic materials
  • They are more durable and typically have no glass to break and no filament to damage
  • They do not have sensitivity to cold temperatures
  • Some bulbs can be used with a dimming switch
  • Models available in warm, soft, and bright white hues
  • They remain cool and produce lower infra-red and ultra violet light, so they are less of a fire hazard
  • Wide variety of power, making them ideal for many different uses


  • Expensive to initially purchase
  • Although they last longer, over time they may begin to flicker or change color, but can be avoided by purchasing bulbs with energy star ratings
  • Not all LEDs are dimmable
  • They are newer and more complex so it may be difficult to get an accurate specification
  • Can fail prematurely in high temperatures


So if you haven’t made this cost effective and environmentally friendly switch, I would do so as soon as possible. Don’t let the up-front cost of LED downlights scare you away, because they are far better than traditional lighting, and will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on home expenses.


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