Interior Design Trends to Expect in 2016

What was “in” last year isn’t necessarily “in” this year. That makes updating you home to be quite tricky as trends are always changing. In 2015, giant, comfy sectionals and rustic meets mod were in. Vintage and modern seemed to rule the home decor world. So what interior design trends can be expect in 2016?

Tech-Free Living Rooms

Curve TVs and giant plasma screens were so last year. Homes with technology (like TVs, computers, video game consoles, etc.) are not going anywhere, but more and more families are turning to unplugged rooms. A nice sitting area off of a formal dining room or kitchen is exactly what every home needs. Design it with a modern taste, bright colors, and white walls. It creates an elegant room that encourages family time.

Mixed Kitchen Decor


A rustic white kitchen.

A white subway backsplash, rustic wooden accents, and stainless steel create an elegant, yet modern look without feeling too posh. This design look starting gainin traction lat last year, and you can expect more kitchen designs like this. The smartest way to achieve this design is to create a modern skeleton of your room. Next, find rustic and vintages pairings to place throughout and voila: you have ahieved the rustic chic kitchen.

Colored Stainless Steel

Expect to see more stainless steel, but this year, expect black stainless steel. Black stainless steel is definitely in this year as more people are attracted to the dark color appliance than the classic shiny silver look.

Minimal Kitchens

With so many people desiring open floor plans and open kitchen spaces, “barely there” kitchens are taking off. This means, you’ll likely see kitchen with less cabinetry and possibly less full-sized appliances. Take a look at the photo next to “Mixed Kitchen Decor.” Notice anything different? There are no overhead cabinets for extra storage. Living minimally has become a new trend, allowing there to be more space and freedom throughout the home.

Enhanced Fireplace Features


Arrange furniture in a way that makes the fireplace a centerpiece of the room.

Fireplaces tend to be a center focus of a room, and more and more home designs are working to enhance fireplace features. Even if the fireplace does not work, placing chairs around the fireplace on each side across from a comfortable sofa or sectional draws the eyes straight to the fireplace.

If you’re interested in more interior design trends this year, Elle Decor is a great resource for home decor ideas.


About the Author: Katharine is a guest contributor from Valley Brokers, a real estate company serving future home owners and home sellers in Oregon. Visit their website to learn more.

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