How To Keep Your Home Warm In the Winter While Conserving Energy

Having a warm home that doesn’t cost you a fortune requires that you come up with some unique solutions. The type of climate that you live in will dictate the amount of effort required on your part. Here are some of the ways that you can accomplish this task.

Invest in blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are thicker than regular curtains and can help reduce drafts that are getting into your home. Open the curtains during the day and allow as much sunlight as possible into your home. Use this thermal radiation to your advantage. When the sun is gone, make sure to keep the curtains closed.

Rearrange your furniture

Put your couch in front of a window. This can block some of the cold air that is getting into your home. Don’t block heat vents or other forms of heating with your furniture. This can prevent the warm air from circulating to other parts of your home.

Use blankets around the house

Have blankets lying around your home that you can wrap up in when you are cold. Add extra comforters to your bed. This will allow you to stay warm at night without having to turn up the heat.

Weather-strip doors and windows

Add weather-striping around all exterior doors to cut down on those cold air draughts. Make sure that your windows are sealed against the elements. You can caulk around them or even add plastic window insulating film to them. The point is to block out as many drafts as possible and prevent air leakage.

Add insulation

A more costly solution is to add insulation to the attic space. The majority of your home’s heat is lost through the roof. By reducing this heat loss, you can make your home more comfortable during the winter. Even if it is costly, it can be a worthwhile investment depending on your home’s needs.

Get your furnace checked

You should have a reliable HVAC contractor check your furnace every winter. Depending on the age of your furnace, it might be time to consider upgrading to a more energy efficient model. This is not a cheap solution, but it can save you money over the lifetime of the furnace. Shop around to get the best deal, and look into energy rebates that may be available for a more efficient furnace.

Keeping your home warm all winter long while conserving energy is possible. Be creative in coming up with solutions to prevent heat loss from your home. Also, try these tips out to have a warm home while being more energy conscious.

About the Author: Inigo is a guest contributor from North Winds Heating & Cooling, a Michigan company that specializes in residential HVAC service in Lansing.

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