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This is a continuation of my home selling advice, if you haven’t already, take a look at the home pricing post. Once you know your home value, you can prepare to sell it. The following are some good tips for making your home look more appealing to potential buyers and therefore speeding up the selling process.

Get exposure by making your home available to as many buyers as possible. This can be done by hiring an experienced real estate agent who will advertise your home in magazines, brochures, and the Internet. To find the best agent, try and find referrals. If not do an Internet search and gather a list. For example, if you live in Syracuse, search for Syracuse New York real estate and you’ll get a nice list of agents and companies that deal specifically with real estate in that area.

When your home is on the market, it is important to make sure that your home is in tip top condition on the outside and inside. Because first impressions are so strong, make sure your yard is clear of toys and hoses and do a little bit of weeding and flower planting to spruce it up a bit. Also pay special attention to the exterior condition of the home, and hose it off to make it clean.

On the inside, just keep things simple. Get rid of everyday clutter throughout your home. All the messy counters with loads of objects on them can be organized and stowed away, and extra blankets, pillows and toys can be organized or neatly put away. Your home will seem larger, cleaner and more inviting to visitors.

Appeal to the buyer’s senses. You can do this by placing nice air fresheners around the house, baking cookies, or burning a sweet smelling candle. A cookie scented candle is almost everyone’s favorite. Another small trick is to play soft, classical music in the background because it relaxes the buyer and makes them feel comfortable in the home. Because many people’s moods and impressions are affected by lighting, it is usually a good technique to replace old light bulbs and open up the blinds so natural light can come in. Also, if the weather’s nice, why not open the windows and doors too! If you don’t have any windows in a particular room, don’t leave it dark! Buyers would assume the room is “off limits”.

By knowing your home value and asking an appropriate price, these tips will hopefully ease the stress of the selling process. Best of luck on your home selling efforts!

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