Home Renovations That Increase Resale Value

One reason that people renovate their homes is because they live in a very old house and would like to keep it up to date. Another reason why people renovate their home is because they are getting ready to sell it and want it to be sold at the best price for what their house is worth. If you are planning on selling your home but don’t know where to start with the renovations, here are home renovations that could increase the price of your home.

  1. Siding replacement – This will help with the curb appeal of your house. By replacing the siding of your home before your house goes up for sale, it will look inviting to new home buyers.
  2. Kitchen remodeling – You will want to update your appliances if you have any outdated ones. Kitchens are important to home buyers, and they love a kitchen that has been re-done recently.
  3. Finish the basement – Someone could absolutely love a house but would think twice about buying it if the basement isn’t finished. This just creates more work for them after they move in, so home buyers usually prefer that the basement is finished.
  4. Make the yards look nice – People love to spend time outside, especially if their front and back yard look nice. Creating a space that invites people outside, like a deck, could increase the value of your home. You should consider including a sprinkler system as well so that the keep up of the lawn is easier for the new home buyers.
  5. Refinish your hardwood floors – Wood floors is a feature of a house that new home buyers love. If you have wood floors, it would be a good idea to get them refinished.
  6. Create space – Home buyers are all about the open space concept now-a-days. Knock out unnecessary walls to create more space.
  7. Add an additional bathroom – If your house has the pipes in the right location, then think about adding another bathroom. Having another bathroom in the house is always a plus, especially if a family is looking to buy your house.
  8. Add more windows – Natural light is huge and home buyers would rather buy a home with great natural light then having to go and buy a bunch of light fixtures.
  9. Paint your walls a neutral color – You can’t go wrong with neutral colored walls. If you don’t already have neutral wall colors in your home, you should consider painting them a neutral color.
  10. Replace your front door – A new front door will last longer than the current door that you and previous home owners have used. A new front door only costs around $1,000.

This guest post is contributed by Coldwell Banker – Hubbell Briarwood, a real estate company.

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