How to Make Home Decorating Easy

Decorating a house is not an easy task, and for some home owners, this has a lot to do with not knowing what they want. There are a few questions you must ask yourself before diving into extreme home make-overs and decorating, because in the end you might find your home design does not fit what you truly wanted or it simply does not fit at all…colors are out of place, designs and matters are mix-matched. First, you must ask yourself:

What are my colors?

Everyone has colors they are more comfortable around. Do you like simplicity with white walls, or do you like neautral backgrounds with a pop of color? Accent walls are some peoples’ thing, while others like modern straight-edge, cookie-cutter walls.

Not knowing what colors you want can be an expensive fallback down the road. Don’t make that mistake. If you paint your walls one color, and then decide later you don’t like it because it’s “not you,” you’ll end up repainting, adding more dollar signs to your home design.

If you want to see how you feel in a room, check out model homes and “feel it out.” Pinterest will show you what color looks like, but experiencing model homes will let you feel what they’re like. Model homes are also a great way to see if you like the feel of a complete design and they also give you plenty of ideas.

What’s my┬ástyle?

A lot of people don’t know what they’re styles are. They like the number of rooms, bathrooms, the yard, and then decision made–they buy a home. But that doesn’t mean the home owners know their own style. You want to feel comfortable in your home, and finding your style will make you feel just that. Do you enjoy colored accents? Traditional themes? Modern themes? Or are you a nautical enthusiast? Whatever your style is, test them out in specific model homes and get specific with your web searches. You may be inclined to search, “Master Bedroom,” but that doesn’t narrow down your style choices. For example, try something a little more like, “Rustic Master Bedroom Ideas,” or “Modern Master Bedroom Ideas.” You’ll find an array of designs, and even in other types of rooms.

Home design can be hard, and it all spans from finding one thing, and then strugglnig to find something else to go with it, but what many non-designers don’t realize is: not everything has to match. Sure, you want the style to match, but some colors you might not think go together actually accent each other very well. It’s all a matter of confidence and enjoying your home.

About the Author: Deb is a guest contributor for Valley Brokers, a full service real estate company serving home buyers and home sellers in the Mid Willamette Valley.

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