Why Forest Hills, Michigan is a Great Place to Buy a Home

When it comes to home buying, there are a lot of factors people take into consideration. Some factors are more important than others, like school districts or commutes to work or how close a local hospital is. Location is a major deciding factor, if not, the one people pay the most attention to when house hunting. Within the popular city of Grand Rapids, Michigan is a suburb that meets a lot of standards future home buyers are looking for. Forest Hills, Michigan is a vibrant Grand Rapids suburb, one that has received positive recognition for being a wonderful community to start raising a family. In fact, the entire city of Grand Rapids was named the No.1 City to raise a family by Forbes. Forest Hills certainly lives up to this name for many reasons. Here’s why it’s one of the best places to buy a home:

Historic or Brand New Homes are Right at Your Fingertips

Most towns usually only have new homes or very old, historic homes. Forest Hills homes are very diverse. Whether you’re looking for a newly built starter home as a family or a historic home, you’re sure to find something here that suits you.

You’re a 15-Minute Drive from Grand Rapids

Need to drive in to the city? No problem. The suburb of Forest Hills is an easy commute to Grand Rapids on Highway I-196 East, or a quick 20-minute drive on backroads. This makes it especially significant for those who might have jobs in the city, yet wish to live in the suburbs.

Forest Hills Public Schools Ranked as One of the Best

The school system in Forest Hills is considered on the best. Grand Rapids Magazine ranks it as #1, and in 2003, Forest Hills Central High School was named one of the best high school in the national by Newsweek. These publications continue to recognize Forest Hills Public Schools as one of the best. The schools have continue to expand in their education, serving well over 9,800 students and annually increasing in 200-300 students.

Unemployment Rate is Low

The unemployment rate in the area is one of the lowest. It’s at a low 4.8%. The future job growth in Forest Hills is also predicted to reach 45.10% in the next 10 years.

Forest Hills is Considered a Family Town

Most notably, Forest Hills is known for being primarily an upper-middle class bedroom community. There are thousands of households and families residing in Forest Hills.

It’s Conveniently Located to Just About Everything

We’ve already discussed that Forest Hills is a very short drive from Grand Rapids, but it’s also very close to many more important places. Grand Rapids is home to a lot of things to do in other surrounding towns, each a short drive on the highway. If you’re wanting to spend a day on the beach, South Haven or any Lake Michigan beach town is only about a 30-45 minute drive and the Gerald R. Ford International Airport is also located right in the city—a quick 15 minutes away.

It’s Perfect for Those Who Love the Outdoors

Hence its name, Forest Hills has many parks, trails, and many more outdoor areas that are great for people who love to get outside. Whether it’s golfing, canoeing or a simple walk you want to take, you can do it in Forest Hills.

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