Finding Michigan Jobs Despite the Financial Crisis

Job Market in Michigan

Since the Great Recession in 2008, Michigan’s economy and overall unemployment rate have remained bleak and lagging. Compared with the national average of 7.6%, Michigan was at 8.7% in July 2013. August 2009 saw the worst in unemployment in the Great Lakes State with 685,144 unemployed people. The figure in June 2013 was just slightly better, but still bad, at 408,335.

The more people who are jobless, the stiffer the competition becomes among the laid-off workers and the new graduates. However, don’t despair because there are still plenty of job openings you’ll find in the newspaper and online. The key is knowing where to find those jobs and how to have an edge. Here are some tips to a successful job-hunting process in Michigan.  

Job-Hunting Tips

1. Upgrade your skills. Companies will choose skilled and experienced workers over applicants whom they will have to train from scratch. What industries do your current skills apply? What other skills do companies in these industries look for? If you have experience in marketing, you can relaunch yourself as an online marketer, so get training related to social media and web marketing.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Take classes at a nearby community college. Michigan Works also offers programs on job training services through local service centers. If you have been laid off, contact Michigan Careers in Transition as they have training services available too.

2. Know where to find job ads. Some colleges and universities have special resources for their alumni to help them out in their job search. Besides job sites, there are also other websites, like the company’s homepage, where you can find job openings. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are just one of those new areas that have opened up in recent years.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: If you’re a new graduate, search through your school’s career center and attend career fairs at your school. Look for the websites of the big companies in Michigan and Go online and always keep yourself updated on school events. Check Facebook and LinkedIn and see if they have a career page where they post job openings on their status. For instance, Davenport University Career Center offers this service and keeps their alumni posted on events.

Job Market in Michigan

3. Set yourself apart from other applicants. Spruce up your resume and tailor it to the requirements of the job you are applying for. Human Resources receive hundreds of resumes within minutes from when they posted a job ad. How do you make them notice you?

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Don’t just send the same resume to different companies. Look at the job description and determine if your previous experience matches it. Describe your responsibilities using the terms stated in the job ad to make your resume look more appealing to the employer. And of course, include a cover letter with your resume.

Hot Jobs in Michigan

1. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) jobs. Michigan is known as the capital of the auto industry and will always have jobs related to STEM and production (metal model makers, tool & die makers).

2. Healthcare occupations. The healthcare industry has a high demand for health-related jobs such as nurses, family & general practitioners, and physician assistants.

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