Essentials For Every Lake Vacation Rental

Going to the lake house in the Summer is a staple for midwesterners or really anywhere where there’s a lake. If you don’t own a lake house, there are plenty of places, like Premier Vacation Rentals, where you can rent one for a week or even a whole Summer. If you own your own, it’s a good idea to rent out the lake house when you aren’t using it and fill it with fun things to do for guests. Here are some essentials┬áthat every Summer lake house should have.

Canoes or kayaks

Sure swimming is fun, but canoeing and kayaking is a whole different way to experience a lake. These are especially useful for the colder months when you’re looking for things to do on the lake. For lake house owners, this is an added bonus that some renters may even pay extra for. It also saves renters money by not having to rent them from a local company.

Beach chairs

Some lake house tenants don’t necessarily want to be on the water but still enjoy the beach. Beach chairs are perfect for lazy days on the beach and night time bonfires. You can even customize the beach chairs with your name or decorations for a little flair. This allows guests to clear up space in their car for other necessities too.

Board games

Sometimes rainy days at┬áthe lake are inevitable. Make sure to stock your lake house with board games so the kids, and adults, won’t be bored. This prevents kids from sitting in front of the TV and enjoying time with each other. They’re also useful and fun for dinner parties and night time get-togethers with a few drinks.

Basic health items

This includes a first aid kit, bug spray, and sunscreen. This will save you the trip to an expensive gift shop or general store to buy the necessary health items if you forget them. First aid kids come in handy because you never know when someone might get a cut from running around on the beach. We all know it’s necessary to have sunblock and bug spray at the beach too.

Sand and water toys

Not just for sand castle making but boogie boards and inner tubes too. This will keep the kids occupied as the parents read and relax on the beach. The adults can use the inner tubes for a relaxing afternoon floating on the lake.

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