Energy Efficient Products for Camping

Roughing it in the outdoors or even heading up north to your cottage calls for preparation. It’s important to over-pack than under-pack and realize you’re mising something along the way–especially for those who call themselve hardcore campers. If you’re going camping during these last couple months of summer, it’s a good idea to not only bring the right equipment, but the most energy efficient.


Lighting. For camping, you’ll need all the light you can find, whether its an old-fashion fire or an energy efficient gas lantern. It’s important to pack headlamps in the event you ever find yourself lost. They’re beneficial for dark walks where you might need to use your arms and hands for something else, like carrying firewood. Headlamps have efficient light settings in different colors and high-powered systems to ensure that the beam will not burn out while in use.

Solar-powered lighting fixtures will also save you money and the trouble of bringing batteries. Use recycled sunshine to bright up your night.

Stove Burners. Backpacking stoves will save your life. Small and portable, backpacking stove burners are convenient for camping. Look for lightweight versions that will be easy to carry, and ones that use a multitude of fuels, like gas or kerosene.

Optics. Invest in a pair of binoculars. These are helpful for mountain climbing. If you’re seeking out another path or place to go, binoculars (or even a monocular) will help you see along your way. A monocular is efficient because of its compact size.

Whatever you choose, look for solar-powered equipment. Using recycled light can save you on money and electricity, which is also energy-saving in the long run. Use gas burners instead of woodburners. Gas burners provide more heat than wood-burning fires do, while also giving off less negative emissions than a traditional fire.

About the Author: Jim is a guest contributor for Rural Energy Enterprises, a wholesale distributor of heaters, stoves, furnaces and more.

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