All About Downtown Summerville, SC

If you are near the Charleston, South Carolina area, a beautiful place to visit is Summerville, South Carolina. Summerville has a nice historic district, also known as Downtown Summerville, where you can find shopping, restaurants, and entertainment that you can’t find elsewhere. It’s also a great place to move if you’re looking for a family friendly small town near Charleston. Drew Sineath & Associates Inc. can help you find the perfect home in Summerville.

Local dining in the area includes Pad Thai I, Five Loaves Café, Matt’s Burgers, Perfectly Franks, Eclectic Chef, and plenty others to provide a vast selection of different types of cuisine. Some of the more popular of the choices are Perfectly Franks, which is a hot-dog restaurant that serves gourmet hot-dogs of every kind, and Matt’s Burgers, which is an old-fashioned hamburger joint. If you are looking for a bar in the Downtown Summerville Area, some options are The Icehouse, Montreaux Bar and Grill, and Zest Grill.

If you are looking for shopping in the Downtown Summerville Area, there are many options. These options include East Winds (a gift store with local themes), Train Town Toy & Hobby (a toy store that specializes in trains, books, antique toys, and kites), Off the Wall Art Gallery & Custom Framing and plenty others. If you are looking for a gift or just to do some general shopping, you will find it in Downtown Summerville.

Entertainment in the Downtown Summerville Area includes several different museums that display a number of items from Summerville history and The Koger Murray Carroll House. A Summerville Orchestra concert is a must, as well as hiking in the national parks and forests. On the main strip, right by Perfectly Franks, there is a small shop called Bottles and Brushes, where you can enjoy sipping wine while painting. You can donate the paintings to the local community if you don’t choose to take them with you. There are lots of things to do in and around Downtown Summerville.

Parking issues in Downtown Summerville have been resolved with the construction of a parking garage a few years ago, so you no longer have to worry about finding parking when you visit Downtown Summerville.

There is plenty to do in Downtown Summerville, and plenty to see in the surrounding area. You will fall in love with the old-school appeal, and with the buildings, which have a history all their own. You will love the area, the people, and the atmosphere. Downtown Summerville is an experience in itself that you can’t afford to miss out on.

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