How To Decorate A Vacation Home On The Oregon Coast

Many people purchase vacation homes on the Oregon coast when they want a retreat and a place to escape throughout the year. When it comes to having a home away from home, the decor that you use will determine the level of comfort that is available. When you’re ready to decorate a vacation home in the area, there are a few tips to follow.

Use Splashes of Turquoise

Splashes of turquoise will look beautiful with soft neutral hues to create a nautical setting that has a shabby chic touch. The vibrant color will draw attention to specific areas of the home and will create an uplifting environment that embraces the outdoor environment on the coast.

Use Nautical Maps

You can make use of nautical maps that work with the theme of the home and allow it to look classic. Consider painting a nautical chart on an accent wall, which will set the tone of the room and can work as the focal point. Nautical maps can also be framed and hung on the wall of a dining room or entryway for a beautiful work of art.

Decorate with Shadowboxes

Shadowboxes are an ideal item to use when decorating to put various items on display and allow them to look like a message in a bottle. Collect shells and starfishes from the beach and use them in shadowboxes to put on display. You can hang the items on the walls of a bedroom or add the item to a coffee table to use a unique piece that is one of a kind.

Use Wallpaper

Consider adding wallpaper to an accent wall of a large bedroom or a small bathroom in the home to reinforce the theme that you want to use in the house. Wallpaper that features lighthouses or ocean waves will prove to be pleasant and will allow the home to look professionally designed. Use complementing color shades when painting the surrounding walls to allow everything to flow well.

Reupholster Antique Furniture

Add extra character to your vacation home by reupholstering antique furniture that you find at local flea markets or antique stores. Use fabrics and materials that complement one another to create a cozy interior setting.

Decorating a vacation home can be an enjoyable process with the right decor and furnishings that are used. After redecorating the property, you can enjoy the setting and get more use out of the home when you want an escape.

About the Author: Ashleigh is a guest contributor from Rogers Inn Vacation Rentals, a vacation home rental company with beautiful homes on the Oregon Coast.

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