Corvallis Oregon: Prime Homes and Living

Located in central western Oregon, Corvallis is home to over 54,000 residents. The population and size of the town make it a prime location where small-town charm meets big city recreation. The history behind the city makes it a quaint, rustic destination as well.

Corvallis is home to Oregon State University, which was established in 1856, dating nearly as far back as the founding of the town in 1845. This was a valuable investment for the city, much as Corvallis Real Estate is. The city’s geological location also makes it a desirable home. It is nestled midway in the Williamette Valley, making it only 46 miles from the Oregon coast and 30 miles south of the state capital, Salem. It has two major highways running directly through it, therefore making transportation to nearby attractions ideal.

Top destinations in Corvallis include art galleries, museums and over 47 parks within the city as surrounding areas. Activities such as fishing, camping and skiing would find Corvallis to be a perfect mix of city life and outdoor recreation. If this description sounds like your ideal hot spot, consider looking into Corvallis real estate. Use the Property Finder to find your ideal home in Corvallis. Head over to to find out more.

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