The Best Cities in the U.S. to Move To

Every day, couples, families, and roommates are deciding to move. The question is, move where? A lot of times moving depends on one very important thing–our work lives. Where work is, we move. There a hundreds, if not, thousands of cities to choose from, but it really depends on if we can find work there. Some places are not for everybody. If you don’t like a dry climate, then don’t move to Arizona or Texas. If it’s humidit you aren’t a fan of, avoid places like Georgia or Florida. If you don’t like busy cities with a lot of traffic, then stay away from California.

There are other factors that play into relocating as well–Are the school districts ranked well? Is there a culture there? What is the climate like? Is it a common tourist destination or simply a town for families to thrive? There are many questions you should ask yourself when deciding to relocate, but we’ve narrowed down some of the best options based on these questions.

If you’re considering relocation, here’s where you might find the best of the best–based on what you might be looking for, of course.

Austin, Texas

If you consider yourself a dog lover, a taco eater, a lover of food trucks, and an avid music festival-goer… then look no further than Austin, Texas. The state capital is ranked No. 1 in the U.S. for dogs and dog owners. Perhaps this is due to the amount of parks, off-leash parks, and multiple swimming holes. Additionally, the city is constantly thriving and growing. Forbes consider it on the “Up & Up,” as businesses are constantly expanding, moving to, and hiring in Austin, Texas.

Rent is unfortunately on the higher end ($1,334 a month for houses and apartments) and city traffic is rough. Still, the city is an absolute culinary masterpiece. Expect a lively night live with live music on every corner.

There is the issue of the dry heat, but you won’t have to worry about shoveling your driveway in the winter.

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is known as “The City of Lakes,” so if you’re an outdoors enthusiast who loves riding bikes and enjoying the beautiful outdoors, then this might be the place for you. Though it has cold, and snowy winters and humid summers, the shifting seasons is great for anyone who doesn’t like the same weather longer than a few months.

There are endless parks and 20 lakes to choose from. Minneapolis has one of the best park systems in the country. Though rent is on the steeper side ($1,160), this booming city is great for business.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Mitten State is probably one of the most magnificant states in the U.S. Michigan itself is known for its breweries, its parks, its northern sites, and its Native American history. Grand Rapids is a growing community with a wonderful school district. Grand Rapids is an art city, known for its artists, music events, and museums. Each year, Grand Rapids turns into a massive art museum, known as ArtPrize.

Grand Rapids has also been named the No. 1 city to raise a family. Crime is considerably low, housing affordability is high, and the public school system also has several chartered schools.

Oak Park, Illinois

If you’re interested in a life of leisure, while also wanting to raise a family, consider Oak Park, Illinois. There is beautiful architecture, wonderful seasonal changes like Michigan and Minnesota, and not to mention, it’s fairly close to Chicago. Location, location, location–That’s the important feature of Oak Park Illinois, because if you can’t find employment in Oak Park, Chicago is bound to have an opening for you. Chicago is an easy commute on The Eisenhower Expressway.

Detroit, Michigan


Detroit, Michigan

Michigan gets a second shout-out with its up and coming city, Detroit. Detroit was once known as that city that struggled not too long ago, but now it’s known as “America’s Great Comeback City.” Business is booming again, the housing market is thriving, and tourism is higher than usual. The city is now a success story. Some argue that the comeback story is fading out, meaning, that the city is finally back to how it should be. Dubbed the nickname “Motor City,” there’s plenty of history surrounding Detroit when it comes to the motor industry, as well.

The city has many great business districts, including Southfield, and a variety of other surrounding suburbs of the city. It was named No. 27 by Travel and Leisure as one of the best cities to visit in the world.

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