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Refresh Your Vinyl Floors with Paint

Old vinyl floors can be an eyesore and ruin the overall style of a room. Vinyl lasts a lifetime, though, and it certainly is the most affordable. If you don’t have the heart to replace it, you can always make it look brand new again with a fresh coat of paint all by yourself. People […]

Building Your Dream Log Home

Building your dream log home is an exciting time. You finally get to detail and implement all your ideas to make your home truly your own. Before the actual building begins, we have a few tips to think about to make the process and smooth as possible, giving you the ultimate end result and your […]

Newlywed Apartment Tips

If you just got married and are looking to start a new life with your spouse, finding the first apartment can be a pain. There’s so many options different options and concerns that it can make you crazy before you even begin to move-in. So if you’re worried, concerned, or confused here are helpful tips […]

Making Your Dream Home a Reality

What’s your dream move-in ready home? Can you picture it? How does the trim look, the kitchen, and the bedrooms? Now take that picture of your dream home and put it in the trash. For most people their picture perfect dream home is never going to be affordable and move-in ready. When your necessities are […]

What to Do with Your Old Hardwood Flooring

Recycling wood and turning them into old, rustic furniture or accessory is now the latest trend in the world of interior design. Besides adding warmth and character to your home that only hardwood can do, you’ll also be saving the earth because of the less consumption of wood in the construction industry. Producing flooring is […]

Things You Didn’t Know You Need in the Office

Eight hours a day. A hundred and sixty hours a month. Two thousand hours a year. That’s how much time people spend their lives in the office. If the workplace is going to be your second home, you might as well make yourself comfortable. The problem is everything has been so habitual that you might […]