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Led Downlight

Why LED Downlights are better than Traditional Lighting

Years ago making the decision between purchasing traditional lighting and LED lighting was a tough choice, but now it’s an easy decision. LED downlights are more expensive up front which turns away many customers, but they last years longer than traditional lighting, making them much less expensive in the long run.

Interior Design Trends to Expect in 2016

What was “in” last year isn’t necessarily “in” this year. That makes updating you home to be quite tricky as trends are always changing. In 2015, giant, comfy sectionals and rustic meets mod were in. Vintage and modern seemed to rule the home decor world. So what interior design trends can be expect in 2016?

Save Your Home’s Basement By Waterproofing It

It’s no surprise that basements get wet all the time. When you dig a hole in the ground, water will try to find its way to the bottom of the hole, which means that it requires a great deal of careful planning and attention to details when building a basement that is meant to stay […]

DIY Christmas Decors to Cheer Up Your Home

Homemade Christmas gifts are infinitely cheaper than the ones you buy from the store. And besides, these holiday DIY crafts are easy to do and the materials are readily available in your house. You and the kids will enjoy putting your heads and hands together making them. Or invite your girl friends over for an […]

Refresh Your Vinyl Floors with Paint

Old vinyl floors can be an eyesore and ruin the overall style of a room. Vinyl lasts a lifetime, though, and it certainly is the most affordable. If you don’t have the heart to replace it, you can always make it look brand new again with a fresh coat of paint all by yourself. People […]

How to Clean Carpet with Vinegar

Yes, that bottle with stinky clear liquid stored in your kitchen cabinet is a powerful natural substance for cleaning any type of floors, even carpets. White distilled vinegar is more than just a cooking ingredient, it’s also otherwise known as the nontoxic, eco-friendly Cleaning Vinegar. For an average price of $3 per gallon, vinegar is […]