A Buyer’s Guide to Boats

We recently talked about boats in our boaters insurance article, and the types that are available, but what about the kinds of boats that you might be interested in purchasing?


These are a great low cost long term investment for you and your family. The only big problem with them is that it takes someone who knows a bit about sailing to use one, and you can only take them out in select conditions. Typically, the larger the boat, the more manpower you need to use it. A Sunfish might be the perfect answer for you if you’re looking for something with low maintenance and has parts that can be easily replaced. A 420 is great for more experienced sailors who could take a friend out and make them crew, or man the boat by themselves. The Flying Scot is a perfect family sailboat, as it’s quite stable for kids and roomy.

Motor Boats

Great for those who want to go out and do something sporty on the water. Be sure you look into boats that are designed for your favorite activity. A motorboat designed for fishing might not provide the same value if you’re looking to do quite a bit of wake boarding. Also, if you’re main objective is to get from A to B faster, you may want to widen your horizon, as many other boats, like pontoon boats, can exceed 50 mph.

Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are the perfect boat for the boater who just wants to have a fun time out on the water. Although not as speedy as many boats on the water, pontoon boats provide comfort and room for its occupants. Pontoon Boats have become much more diverse as well in the last 10 years. The models from Manitou are known for introducing a third pontoon in the center of their boat, which makes it turn and plane like a fiberglass V hull boat.

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