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Traveling for your business can be beneficial in a number of ways for both you and your company. Traveling can expand ideas, brand awareness, your network, your experience, and more. However, constantly traveling for your job can lead to limitations on other parts of your life from personal relationships to ultimate career advancement. If you are considering accepting or searching for a  job that entails a ton of travel, here are some pros and cons to consider before committing to a life of travel. 

There are two types of business travel to consider: critical and non-critical. Participating in critical business travel will help to advance and energize your business. Non-critical business travel will limit your ability to move forward and will ultimately hinder your career advancement and aspects of your life. There are various elements to consider when determining if travel is critical or not and being able to discern the difference is an important step in using business travel correctly.

Critical Business Travel

Builds your business and strengthens relationships: Networking, meeting with clients, catching up in person with old colleagues, are all variables that are a part of critical travel. This activities may not be immediately profitable, however the strengthening of relationships and giving clients ample, uninterrupted attention can have great long-term benefits.

Sells a project: If you are selling a specific service or product to a potential client, meeting them in person can help to cement the deal and to showcase your personal involvement. This can also make talking specifics, fees, expectations, etc. easier because it is face to face rather than over the phone.

Is short in duration and has a set purpose: Never plan a trip that exceeds the necessary amount of days. You will burn out faster if you are scheduling multiple week long trips that could be cut down to a two days maximum. Also, you should have a set purpose for your travel, knowing what you are working to accomplish, why, and how it will benefit you and your business.

How Non-Critical Business Travel Hurts You and Your Business

Limits your opportunities and income: If you are traveling weekly to client sites unnecessarily or traveling just to show face, you are wasting your time and resources. Determine if that travel you are engaging in is actually purposeful and how it is benefiting you and your business. Unnecessary travel takes you away from your main responsibilities and can detract from accomplishing larger, long term goals.

Limits your professional growth: Constantly traveling and not being present on-site can lead to stagnation in both your growth and your income. As you advance in your experience and career your traveling should decrease, as you are moving up in the company’s eyes and rank. If you find that you are still traveling consistently it is most likely due to the fact that you have pigeonholed yourself into that position.

Take you away from your personal interests and responsibilities: Always being on the road means always being away from friends and family, your home, and your own personal interests. Traveling can take a major toll on a person and can lead to loneliness. Having the ability to balance your business travel and your personal life can really help to avoid this.

About the Author: Sandra is a guest contributor from bizFlats, offering quality short-term rentals for business travel.

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