Beach House Rentals vs. Hotel Stays

Even though the summer has ended for many of us in the northeast and midwest regions, summer is year-round in places like Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, California, and many more sunny states! Millions of people travel to the beach each year, whether it’s for some much-needed relaxation or to escape the cold wintry weather in the north. The big question is, if you want to stay on the beach: what’s the best option? It’s unlikely you’ll find a small inn or bed and breakfast right on the beach, so you’re more likely choose between a beach hotel or a beach house rental. So what’s the best option? We’ll break it down for you.


Beachfront Hotels

Just like any hotel, there are pros and cons to staying at a beachfront hotel, as well. Naturally, you have neighbors that are wall to wall but staying a beachfront hotel is much different than choosing to rent a house or cottage on the beach.

Pros: A beachfront hotel offers all the amenities of an inn or bed and breakfast–you’ll typically find complementary breakfast and other meals at a hotel. In addition to meals, beachfront hotels offer spectacular views of the beach. Pools are also on-site if you’re not interested in spending a day on the beach.

Cons: Beachfront hotels, unlike ordinary hotels, can sometimes be messier as kids and families track sand through the hallways after a day at the beach. In addition, if you’re looking for something a bit more relaxing, beach hotels will often cater to families as a family-friendly resort to accommodate larger groups, which can contribute to noise.

Beach House Rentals

beachfront rental

Staying at a beach house offers privacy.

Beachfront rentals offer a different style of living while staying on the beach. Here’s what you should know:

Pros: Beach house rentals will usually offer more amenities than people think. Depending on the rental company, they might offer special services and concierge services for guests staying at one of their properties. For example, a rental company in South Carolina, Folly’s Best Rentals, has pre-orders available for beach equipment to guests. Rentals also provide privacy and relaxation, unlike staying at a hotel. Do your research and find a beach rental that is right for you–whether that means it must have a screened in porch, close proximity to the beach, or must have a certain amount of rooms–you can always find a property that suits your needs rather than be subject to a bad hotel room.

Cons: Some beach house rentals will not be directly on the beach. This is all dependent on availability and your preference for how close you choose to be to the beach. Regardless, beach house rentals are typically in walking distance to the beach.

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