6 Benefits of Mountain Living

Whether you want a vacation home or a permanent home in the mountains, mountain living offers plenty of benefits. There are advantages to mountain living that people have never considered, including health benefits. Mountain living can be a long-term commitment or a vacation spot for part of the year, such as the winter when it’s ski season. Here are six advantages to mountain living when choosing a home:

It Can Be Peaceful | Mountain living has something that typical city or suburbia living cannot provide–tranquility. Surrounded by the cover of trees, a blanket of snow, and nothing but miles between your home and town can create a feeling of peace and calm. Homeowners sometimes purchase a home in the mountains as a vacation home simply for this reason. It can allow the mind to rest. Some people, however, prefer the long-time commitment of solitude.

There’s Plenty of Recreation | Mountain living may be mostly solitude, but it caters to people craving physical activity and recreation. Mountain homes surround a variety of recreational activities. Often times, lakes and rivers are nearby, allowing for water sports in the summer. Ski resorts are nearby, parks and trails allow hiking, and towns usually have something going on for its close-knit community.

It’s Cozy | Homes nestled in the mountains and towering pine trees is a cozy feeling. Most mountain homes are log cabins or built specifically for warmth and comfort.

It’s Great for Hunters and Fishers | Those who hunt will find that living up in the mountains provides a great place for hunting. In the mountains, you have the forests and parks nearby that might allow legal hunting, and lakes and rivers allow great fishing.

Studies Say It’s Healthier | There have been countless studies about the benefits of mountain living. One study suggests that it can improve heart health, while others conclude that altitude can actually help with weight loss.

It’s Always Beautiful | The great thing about living in the mountains is the beauty it provides. Nature and wildlife is everywhere. Those who live in the mountains will find that a walk to town is worth the trek with the natural beauty everywhere you look. The wildlife is always amazing.

About the Author: Britney is a guest contributor from Real Estate of Winter Park, helping homebuyers on their search for a mountain home in Winter Park, Colorado.

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