5 Tips for Staging a Home on the Market

Home buying is stressful, and walking into an empty house makes the decision-making process all the more difficult. It’s hard to grasp the feel of a home without seeing what it actually looks like with furniture, decoration, and personality. When you move into a new home, you’ll give that space your own personality with your own tastes and likes, but if you’re selling a home, think like a home-buyer–what would you want to see while house hunting? That’s why it’s important to stage your home.

Here are some tips to consider for staging your house on the market:

Remain Neautral: Remove Your Personality from the Staging
Remember that your personality is not exactly the same as someone observing your home. Keep the furnishings that are neautral, such as couches, arm chairs, neautral throw blankets, and any simple decor that you might deem appropriate for a house showing. It’s important to remember that how you decorate your home while living isn’t exactly the same as decorating it to sell it. You won’t people to imagine themselve in the home your selling–not feeel overwhelmed by decorations that don’t identify them. Keep it basic.

Clean and De-Clutter
An obvious one for some, but it’s always a good idea to remember. Get those areas that are extra dusty and don’t leave any magazines or clutter laying around on the coffee table or counters. One very simple reminder is if you have any shelving units–pack them up. Keep only simple decor items there and maybe a few simple books, but don’t give the space a sense of clutter–house hunters won’t enjoy that.

Let Space Take Over
Showing off your home doesn’t mean you have to show off all your furniture, too. A great rule to consider is to pack up half of your floor furniture (sofas, chairs, and any end tables). These can distort the idea of space in your home.

Play around with the variety of ways you can arrange your furniture. It doesn’t have to look exactly how you lived in the home.

Don’t Forget Out Front: Landscaping
So many home sellers focus on the inside that they forget about the curb appeal. That is the first thing home buyers see after all. Invest in some floral arrangements or outdoor patio furniture to spruce up the environment. Home buyers will stand outside for a good amount of time before they get inside–this is where their first impression is made.

Decor Should Be Current
If you’re staging your own home, be sure that your furniture and decor is modern. Old furniture will also make your home look old and out of style–something home buyers will quickly dismiss and move on to the next. If you need to spruce up the living room, that’s nothing a few simple pillows can’t fix on the couch. Or, many people turn to professional home stagers, people who stage homes for a living. They bring in rented furniture and stagea home to their standards.

However you choose to stage your home, be sure it’s clean, current, and spacious.

This is a guest post from Valley Brokers, offering Corvallis real estate services in the mid-Willamette Valley region, and helping people find homes for sale in Corvallis Oregon, Albany and Lebanon.

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