5 Reasons to Live in Oregon

There is so much more to Oregon than the city of Portland, even though in 2016, Portland was the most popular city to move to in 2015 according to CNN Money. There has to be some reason as to why everyone wants to move to Oregon. It is a toss up whether it is the cheap costs of living or how green Oregon is. There are other cities in Oregon that are just as popular to move into besides Portland. If you are looking for a new state to live in, here are five reasons to live in Oregon.

1. The Outdoors

Oregon is one of the lucky states that gets to experience all four seasons throughout the year. Wherever you live throughout Oregon, there is something amazing outdoors withing a 30 minute radius from you. No matter what kind of outdoor exploration you are looking to do, Oregon has it throughout all four seasons. From its beaches, to mountains, to deserts, Oregon home owners cannot get enough about how great the outdoors is. Crater Lake National Park is one of the top places that Oregonians say to visit. It is the deepest lake in the United States, and it is incredibly breath taking.

2. No Sales Tax

Oregon is one of only five states that does not have sales tax. When shopping, you actually pay the amount that is on the price tag. Oregon home owners and tourists really like this feature when shopping in Oregon.

3. Food and Drink

Oregon is one of the 50 states with the best food and drink. No wonder why they offer food and drink tours to their tourists so they can get as much food in as they can on their trip. Home owners in Oregon are lucky enough to have the delicious food around them 24/7. Some of the popular food and drink options there include their cheese, chocolate, berries, and beer from their breweries.

4. Friendly People

One thing that breaks the deal of moving to a new place is if there are mean people throughout the city. It makes living there a lot harder when there are mean people, even in beautiful places like Oregon. Luckily, Oregon is one of the states that has nice people. This makes a huge positive impact on your time spent living there.

5. Best Place for Self Employment

Oregon is one of the top places to be self employed. Not only because of the no sales tax, but because of the organizations that support freelancers and entrepreneurs with things such as health insurance. The top organizations that help people who are self employed are the Freelancers Union and NerdWallet.

About the Author: Marley is a guest contributor from Valley Brokers Real Estate Agency, a premiere valley real estate agency.

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