5 Things To Do Around The House That Save Energy

The environmentally conscious¬†craze isn’t so much a craze anymore as it’s real life. We use up so much energy by doing everyday things, some we don’t even think about. While wasting energy in your home is bad for the environment, it’s also bad for your wallet. Here are five things you can do around your house to help save energy.

Don’t crank the air conditioner

On hot summer days, we’re all tempted to just sit in a cool room set at 70 degrees. Research¬†on home air conditioner settings shows that you save 3% on your home energy bill every degree you raise the air conditioning. The recommended setting is 78 degrees if you really want to save money. Another tip is to use a ceiling fan if you get too uncomfortable with a higher setting.

Use appliances efficiently

Using your washer and dryer and dishwasher a lot can raise your electric bill and uses a lot of water. When using the dishwasher, load that baby up until its full and set it to air dry instead of heat dry. Make sure you’re also washing full loads of laundry and set it to cold if you can. You can also hang dry your clothes instead of drying them in a dryer.

Proper insulation

Having a well sealed and insulated home can save huge amounts of energy by avoiding air leaks. It not only reduces energy use, but increases comfort by limiting allergens, noise, and humidity. This also means sealing windows or investing in new windows if they’re too old.

Unplug and turn off electronics

You could be spending up to $600 a year if your computer is plugged in and on all the time. When you’re not home or not using your computer, put it into sleep mode or turn it off and unplug it. Investing in newer, energy efficient computers can help with this problem as well. This also goes for other electronics like TVs, avoid keeping them on all day or all night.


There are several things you can do in terms of lighting in your home that can have a huge impact on your energy usage. Avoid placing lamps next to air conditioning units or thermostats. This will cause the air around it to get hotter and the air conditioner to work harder. Use energy efficient light bulbs and turn off the lights when you aren’t in the room.

Take these tips home with you and you’ll be on your way to an energy efficient lifestyle. If you’re looking into improving your home’s energy performance overall and don’t know where to start, Ecotelligent Homes can perform an energy audit and help you save the most energy.

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