2012’s Must Have Pool Supplies

With new technology, new social trends, and new developments comes the desire to own the next hot item. Not only are trending products wanted, sometimes they are needed for a specific purpose and their newfound popularity allows consumers to grab a great deal. In the case of pools, having one can provide long lasting entertainment. However, adding fun toys and supplies can add even more enjoyment to the experience.

A pool can contain more than just water. In fact, there are a variety of pool toys that allow owners to take their favorite activities right into the water. Love ping pong? Get the floating pool pong game. If paddles aren’t for you or you want a more mindless source of fun, why not add on a super slide?

Sure, toys are fun, but bills aren’t. Pools can take a lot of energy and cause costs to skyrocket. Variable speed pumps are upgrades that adjust water flow based on the task and they can cut energy usage and costs by up to 90 percent! This amounts to about $1,500 in annual savings.

What else isn’t fun? Manually cleaning a pool. It takes lots of time and effort to clean up debris and other buildup. With today’s technological innovations, robotic pool cleaners do all the hard labor for you. Some can even clean any shape and size pool in less than 3 hours. The best part is the limited set up. Most you can take out of the box, plug in, and they’re ready to go.

So why not add some new upgrades or flair to a pool with a new summer season? Reducing work and bills or creating more fun is a smart investment.

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